Thursday, 10 February 2011


Wow, I know that I been MIA for a long long while... I hope everyone been well and picked up enough money for Chinese New Year... and I guess I really should talk about updates when I didn't update my blog...
I've had hair-cut on 31st Jan 2011, I can say it's not much difference from my previous haircut but for those who can tell the difference, hope you will like the new haircut for sure

(There will be a video about it after I've uploaded the Part 3 of the Valentine's Day Special)
I have made Valentine's Day special for both singles and couples talking about celebs I want to date and the outfits to wear for singles to hangout and outfits for those going out to dates.

Fancy a sneak peek?! hehe...

The make up is originally an inspiration by a user's update and I was so fascinated with this simple but yet a nice contrast done on the eyeshadows. I agree that pink and brown can't go together in clothes but if it's make up, I guess many of us proved the point that pink & brown can go well to make your eyes look great without a doubt.... I know my make up look is probably not as great as the original user's make up look, however, I hope my video can still balance the bads and goods about the outcome of this look :)

Last but not the least, I went to IMATS and met Pursebuzz of a 5 minutes glance and bought things with great bargains... <3 Here's the video about the IMATS, enjoy and stay tuned with the video I will soon film based on the February Hauls/Presents....


Elisa ♥ said...

Happy chinese new year girl ^^ !! glad to read your blogposts again =D

cassie min said...

HCY!Love it! :)
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