Saturday, 22 January 2011

New Discovery: Cat Eyes of different styles

These looks were inspired by Choc magazine, my favourite magazine and yes, I am going to show you all the make up looks I've experimented just in the same order as the magazine did... as well as my video that I will display which I've mainly intended in showing you the listed products I've used.  This blog is just going to be based on my feelings about each of these looks

Look 1: A naughty vintage look-This first one is common and yet simple, so I thought I won't waste time to do the tutorial exactly.  This look is definitely wearable most times since it's subtle.  But being the naughty cat will depend on the outfit decide to wear- To achieve that naughty style, something like a dotty top or dress might look good with being a naughty cat! meow!

Look 2: The sweet & innocent cat eyes
This is my least favourite one so far, all I can say is- disastrous experiment! couldn't blend it like the model did :( It wouldn't be worth doing the tutorial.  Although I personally think it doesn't suit myself, maybe it will suit some of u who loves cat eyes make up looks, good luck!

Look 3: My favourite out of the 4 (The flirty cat eyes)
The special part about this look is the patchy effect on the lower lashes!! Although I couldn't do the patch effect well enough, I will continue to achieve the look much better in the future.... Please continue the video for the make up tutorial & the last look, I hope you will like this look as much as I'm in love with it.  In the make up tutorial for this look, I have used a different colour from blue, all because I want to show the belief different colors such as brown, purple and grey will look great too!  The color I decide to use would be suitable for those might like to play it safe...

Other than using blue eyeliner combining with pink eyeshadow, here are the alternatives I would suggest for this flirty cat eyes look:
1) MAC Beautiful Iris as eyeshadow on lids (top of Bobbi Brown Rich Brown) + Grey of the Japanese eyeshadow palette (right)
2) Jade Green with Grey on the same palette or with Bobbi Brown Rich Brown
3) Apply Pink Freeze like I've used in the video along with ELF purple eyeliner cream
4) Pink Freeze as eyeshadow on eyelid and combine with grey

Look 4: How Exotic?
It's the common one like the 1st cat eyes I've done, but in fact, it's combination of grey and green that's attractive so far, however, again, like the 2nd look, it just simply doesn't suit my eye shape enough.... how I wish Sharon (zizzee, one of my blogtv BFF) can be my make up models for these make up looks?!

Maybe hopefully, she can be my make up models for being Twiggy or the lace make up look I intend to do.... She'll be my excellent make up model for her Caucasian facial features as she has the blue eyes and the shape I need for those make up looks that probably don't suit the flat eyes I have...

Lastly, enjoy my rambling of make up experiments and the tutorials I've included :) and of course also the make up looks inspired by Christina Aguilera in Burlesque movie.

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