Friday, 7 January 2011

Final interview-Done

I really don't know if I did well or not... just kind of felt I might screwed it up again since there are things that I find it hard to answer?!.... the Human Resources staff and the Performance manager both interviewed me and asked about 20 questions but there are only 3 in particular that I answered it in the most adequate way.... I know I was meant to prove to them my experiences were very closely related to why I'll do great for the job... however... hmm... I won't be sharing all 20 questions and my answers- maybe just a few of what I feel I may answered the best:

-Describe the time where you have showed sympathy and empathy.
I didn't learn the precise ways until I get to work in my last job, however, I'm not sure if this counts for the time I have worked in Cathay Pacific as I was carrying out the task of looking for the missing passengers of a flight to TPE, and it was where an 8-year old girl who was a passenger taking Qantas to Brisbane approached me in tears because she lost her parents... I have asked her if she knows which flight she's taking and asked her to stay with me until my final report to my duty supervisor was done that I would take her to her boarding gate to check there was a sign of her parents.... And then I reported the situation to the supervisor for the flight to see if it's possible to take care of the young girl.... however, very soon, the parents turned up and thanked me for accompanying the girl

-Describe the situation where someone has replied on you completely:
Let me think: I think it would be the time where the flight to Johanesburg had an aircraft change that some passengers had to be down-graded and there was an arrangement where I was sent to the transfer desk to wait for the money, the total quoted that I was expected to take back to airside office was about 20000GBP as a total to refund.... during that time, I waited for 3 hours for the cash to be enclosed.... I had no one to replace me and I was told that I have to wait until the cash was counted correct... throughout the time, I had to be careful with handling the trust I earned because it's all related to what airlines do to compensate to angry passengers and the amount became a crucial issue that's certainly bigger than just a 10pound note that was dropped on the floor that has to be taken seriously.

-What kind of positive feedbacks and negative feedbacks do you hear people say about you?
The positive feedbacks I always hear which helps me to support other team-workers and the passengers who feel the need of someone to make their days is acting as an ice-breaker, this positive feedback has also been heard by my friends outside work as an icebreaker to break down the communication barrier, so it shows no one is alone when I make sure people will have attention equally.  The negative feedback would likely to be coming from my boyfriend who I live with for now as he thinks I'm very impatient with him because I care about what I can do to improve efficiency in results and i really don't like people doing things to delay my expected time of finishing something or the result of it

Another question: not sure, but it sounds quite adequate in some terms?!
-Describe the time you have done something that's extensively beyond your tasks:
I was intending to print off some documents at the boarding gate desk as the printer's out of service in the office.  A passenger at the boarding gate who was from the flight standing by at the boarding gate approached me with the enquiry if it's possible to upgrade his mother, one of the wheelchair passengers to business class for more comfort and convenience.  I've took down the details of the passengers and the wheelchair passenger for the service leader to follow up, if not, at least inform the passengers the possible alternatives.  Although I had other duty tasks to carry out which didn't leave me enough time to assist the passengers fully, I have reassured the wheelchair lady approaching her by telling her I have left the details the staff for the flight to follow up the needs and enquiries, tell anyone if they need anything "Because we are always here to help"

I actually felt like I haven't done well like the first interview.... *sigh* don't know why.... I do feel that those questions were a little more challenge than the other interviews I have faced in the past.... but maybe after, I might not be good enough to fulfill myself to achieve being a flight attendant for any airline?!


Rinny said...

Aww don't be so worried Ronnie, I think your responses were very good and really shows your experience. I hate job interviews too...but as long as I know I did my best, I try not to have any regrets or worry about it afterward. Best of luck, I hope you get offered the position! :)

petrina said...

They are tough questions but you gave great answers : Good luck!

Sarah Rafika said...

Heey darl(: i think you re taking things too negatively, sometimes, its just hard to predict things especially in jobs interview,what matters the most is that you have tried your best,to answer,and who knows there was no actual specific answers,it just depends on you supporting your idea, ^^ as this happens much. be faithful! <3