Saturday, 1 January 2011

What's up with 2011?!

The expected upcoming videos:

1) Reviews of ELF products in my make up collection (will be filmed in Cantonese)
2) 2 Make Up Looks, 1 Video Series: Make Up Looks Inspired by Christina Aguilera in Burlesque (editting in progress)

3) My thoughts: Experiencing distance relationship

For the others that I believe that won't be in any particular orders, they are
4) Hairdo Inspired by Choc magazine/Genie Chuo (filmed on 30th Dec 2010,editting in progress)
5) Answers to Questions for Sharmae: Applying false lashes & eyelash glue chats
6) Guys I Wanna Date (To be uploaded nearby Valentine's Day)
7) Outfit Ideas for Valentine's Day (To be uploaded nearby Valentine's Day)
8) Hairdo Tutorials (I hope I can do more and practice it to the best before I decide to do the videos and I'm still deciding which hairdo I should do...)
9) Make Up Like Twiggy (requested by Christine 1)
10) Fashion Tribute of Audrey Hepburn (requested by Christine 2)
11) Laces Fanatic make up look for Spring

There will be much more to go subjected to the ideas to be listed.  I hope there will be a few listed in here that makes most of you to have something to look forward to!  Anywayz, besides the listed videos that are prioritized to be done, have fun with voting the rest!

I'm quite certain for this moment that there will only be one Cantonese video for the time being.... I can only say I'm still shy with using Cantonese for my videos right now and it kind of feels unnatural to do it since I know most viewers out there are non-Chinese speakers.

Although I should've kept my resolutions discreet, well, I guess no harm in sharing?!  For 2011 resolutions to lead myself to be a better person, a happier and healthier person....
-Get myself into my dream job
-Lose weight!! I wanna wear bikini without feeling embarrassed!
-Sleep early!!
-Treat my dad a holiday to The Maldives (somewhere to dive) or Sydney (to visit his life-time best friend)
-Quit smoking?!- I'm not addicted but worth quitting
-Become a better listener-this will help to build a better relationship with anyone, anywhere