Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Updates on list of upcoming videos

The expected upcoming videos:

1) Reviews of ELF products in my make up collection (will be filmed in Cantonese)
2) 2 Make Up Looks, 1 Video Series: Make Up Looks Inspired by Christina Aguilera in Burlesque (editting in progress)

3) My thoughts: Experiencing distance relationship
4) 4 Different Styles of Cat Eyes

For the others that I believe that won't be in any particular orders, they are
5) Hairdo Inspired by Choc magazine/Genie Chuo (filmed on 30th Dec 2010,editting in progress)

6) Answers to Questions for Sharmae: Applying false lashes & eyelash glue chats
7) Guys I Wanna Date (To be uploaded nearby Valentine's Day)

8) Outfit Ideas for Valentine's Day (To be uploaded nearby Valentine's Day)
9) Hairdo Tutorials (I hope I can do more and practice it to the best before I decide to do the videos and I'm still deciding which hairdo I should do...)
10) Make Up Like Twiggy (requested by Christine 1)

11) Fashion Tribute of Audrey Hepburn (requested by Christine 2)

12) Laces Fanatic make up look for Spring
13) Make Up Look of CL (2NE1) requested by anonymous-formspring
14) My Pet Peeves- I sure want to make this one... have to keep it in list before I forgot..... U'll all get to see it soon, don't ever think I dun lose my temper, I get pissed off as easily

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Rinny said...

Ahhh I didn't even recognize you with the wig Ronnie! hehe And I'm looking forward to your cat eye post - that's my favorite way of doing my eyeliner, though I'm not very good at it lol