Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Keep your thoughts, preferences and demands coming :)

Please, kindly complete my recent new survey (Deadline 27th May or 28th May) 2010), just for me to get to now the taste of my subs and viewers better, thank u

I have uploaded my latest video according to the demand of this job seeking and exam seasons for schools, which is a make up tutorial for attending to interviews...... to wish you all luck and passing the message that make up should be remained flawless and simple... Anywayz, since I have done the video now, I have altered the content of votes, still the same topic to vote, but yet, changing the titles of videos...

For your information: This is the make up look of Lee Hyori that I will b intending to do,

Due to the respect for Phyllis Li's copyright for her blog, I will juz show u guys the looks that I will do that were inspired by her...
For the sleek palette look:
For the FOTD (9th May):

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