Saturday, 22 May 2010

Random Quotes

"The magic of true love is to accept the girl who reveals "THE REAL HER" behind the mask"- by sweetkuromi
The quote is inspired by someone who said he's scared to date an "artifically" pretty girl, I was quite angry cuz he picked the video with a make up model in it, saying this to me, I find this is extraordinarily insulting to the make up model!  However, I hope this will not bring Claudia or Anita down cuz none of my make up models who been on my video or will soon to be on my video deserve these insults!

"As long as you wish to be beautiful, you will be beautiful"
My favourite quotes of all times from the Asience Shampoo Commercials, this is a meaningful quote of all times to me, it's a message which indicates courage, confidence and motivation.

"'Cause you're worth it!"
The slogal of L'Oreal of all times- might be common to hear, but why is it my fave quote?! Cuz it's the way I express the value of a someone's beauty, this quote/slogan has always been my message I bring to the youtube make gurus who became my best friends recently and the exisiting friends who I been stayin in touch with regularly.

"It takes two to make the relationship perfect"- by sweetkuromi (myself again)
I don't tell alot of people I have spent 90% length of time in a distance relationship with my boyfriend, but for those who witnessed our relationship will know why I made this quote....

"Youtube is not a place to beg for fame or a competition with other make up gurus.  It's a social website to share your ideas and knowledge in beauty with expressions in creativity" by sweetkuromi
I have learnt so much from the nicest, the most down-to-earth make up gurus on youtube, they all make videos because they do it to provide informations and expressing their thoughts!
And this leads to
"Making Vlogs and Tutorials are a hobby; Comments reflect on how well you made others happy"

That's all the quotes I come up with.... Please let me know if you would like me to make some quotes for certain videos I make?!

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