Saturday, 2 April 2011

Updates: List of videos to do

Again, I guess it's about time that I would make another self-reminder of videos of what you all will see, it's been 2 weeks ago since I've uploaded a video on my channel... Here's the list of videos that I really should get going and update... So let's start off with what I shall prioritize:

Requested videos (MUST):
-Makeup look of Jessica SNSD by anonymous on formspring 
(sometimes I do wish that you do tell me your name, so I can address u by name in my video just to say that it's for u that I make it)

-Makeup look inspired by Twiggy
-Fashion Tribute inspired by Audrey Hepburn
(both the 1960s old england trend related makeup look & fashion tributes were requested by a best friend of mine, Christine.... I was meant to be ensuring the video to be uploaded before the summer approaches, but now, I want to upload them near by Christine's birthday in August just to make it the best visual 21st bday present for her)

-Contouring Tips requested by Doryfish
Well, it was about a week ago when she has asked about contouring, well I have recently started using the Sleek Contour and Highlight face kit that I hope my review on it and taking the tips from the makeup bible I have will become helpful... (I hope I wont be too lazy to blog about it as support to whats inside the makeup bible)

Answers to Questions:
Well, it's been bloody ages since I ever made those videos since I have a feeling that no one ever interacted to my answers and tips, but they always come every so often that they are questions that are helpful to viewers in some ways
-Sharmae's False Lashes issues and adhesives
-Beauty Secrets- Do you think I have any?
Alot of people tend to think I look younger than my actual age, but as a matter of fact, I am 25 right now.... I know I don't look like my actual age, well I'm not certain the way I adapt my lifestyle n diet will become helpful to some of you?!

Well, even personal questions about boys, family, school can be answered if you have, please feel free to drop me your email on I just want to show that besides talking about beauty, fashion topics, I am able to be there to help younger viewers about any hesitation they may have!  I already have had one with distance relationship and a business management student asking me about certain issues with Asian family background and strictness, I am happy to answer questions, even without making a video about it, just let me know if you want me to keep it confidential... Don't forget to place subject as "Dear sweetkuromi"

Based on my personal ideas of upcoming videos (beauty and non-related to beauty):
-Styling transformation of Jodie Connor: Now or Never
-Swaps with Gwen & Lynn
-My pet peeves (never ever think I will just give & take... I'm another human being who gets angry too!)

Let me know if any of those listed videos would sound interesting or to be your preferences by any chance :)


♥mynameisnur♥ said...

Can't wait for Twiggy inspired make up :) I love her!!!

And you really don't look your age. Maybe in your early 20s. Heee :D

Rinny said...

Ooo I'm definitely looking forward to the contouring vid - I've never really bothered with bronzer before but it's something I'd like to learn how to use :D

melly said...

Omg Jessica SNSD tutorial would be awesome! I can't wait for that ^_^

琪琪 said...

i want to see contouring and highlighting video!! :)

sweetkuromi said...

re: Nur
Lol, even u tell me that... I dont know if its a good thing or not to look younger than my actual age as I do hear some real ridiculous quotations

re: Rinny
Sure, I will upload the contouring video once I uploaded the Jessica SNSD video as it's one of the earliest request I received

re: melly
Are u the anonymous who made this request on my formspring? If so, I'd like to address u by name

re: Maggi
Ur new profile photo is soooo hot... hmm... I think I will know wt I can use as a giveaway prize for my 3000 subs giveaway if its really happening :D