Monday, 21 March 2011

Sensitive & Sentimental

Ever since I have started the conversation with GreatEiei from youtube, I think it's no longer a difference of skin care whether you are male or female but raising awareness in what you need and the methods you may need to take not of... My boyfriend offered to let me read the issues I missed out from my favourite magazine (Choc 恰女生) which I would like to highlight in particular when it comes to the different types of sensitive skins... so please complete this quiz with translations provided by me

Ask yourself and tick the following questions are facts to your skin

1) Sensitive reactions with forms of contacts
-Do you feel your skin sting or burn after using a certain type of makeup products?
-Do you often avoid using certain products to avoid allergy reactions?
-Does your skin feel uncomfortable when you are wearing fluffy items or wool-made turtle necks?

2) Veins/Nerves Sensitive Reactions
-Do you have thin layered skin that made your veins look obvious?
-Does your skin sting or feels like burning when you take spicy food or alcohol?
-Does your skin sting or feels like burning when you are under pressure or paranoid?

3) Sensitive Atopic Dermatitis
-Do you have family members that have the symptons of sensitive atopic dermatitis?
-Has eczema or sensitive atopic dermatitis symptons occurred recently?
-Do you have eczema or sensitive atopic dermatitis symptons occurred in the past?

4) Evironmental Allergy Reactions
-Does your skin sting or feels like burning or itchy from catching the wind or the UV of the sun?
-Does your skin go flaky and tensed during the sudden climate changes?
-Do you get allergy reactions from the smell of nicotine that was spreaded through the air?

For 0-2 ticks: Your skin is not too sensitive
For 3-4 ticks: Mild sensitive skin type
For 5-6 ticks: Moderate sensitive skin type
For 7-12: Severely sensitive

Features of the sensitive skin types

For those who are:
1) Sensitive reactions with forms of contacts
Causes from:
-Using makeup products that doesn't suit your skin nature
-Skin contacting dirty makeup products/equipements
-Allergy reaction with new bought clothes (maybe allergy reaction with certain types of fabrics)

Methods & Preventions:
-Soft cleansing techniques
-Skin moisturising
-More protections

2) Veins/Nerves Sensitive Reactions
Symptoms: Redness, open pores, growth of small papules/pustules
Causes from:
-Pressures and paranoia
-spicy and rich food
-temperature patterns: UV of the sun, wind and the temperature of air-conditioners

Methods & Preventions
-Sooth the expansion of veins
-Avoid meeting the causes above

3) Sensitive Atopic Dermatitis
Symtoms: Eczema;Dehydration on skin would occur rapidly which leads to victim feeling itchy and skin becomes dried and flaky.

Causes from: Genetic disease

Methods & Preventions:
-More intensive moisturising/hydration treatment to skin
-Seek for medical attention to control the conditions

4) Evironmental Allergy Reactions
Causes from environmental factors such as
-Air fragrance (air pollution is one possible factor)
-UV of the sun
-temperature patterns: UV of the sun, wind and the temperature of air-conditioners

all these above lead to the symptoms:
-Skin dehydration
-Tensed skin
-Flaky skin
-Skin feeling itchy/irritated
-feels like burning

Methods & Preventions:
-More moisturising within the skin care routines
-extra protections to fragile skin cells

Other tips for sensitive skin people:
1) Stay from the causes which were mentioned before such as taking off the things that are the causations to allergy reactions
2) Soothing: Like the model is holding water spray- water spray would be a helpful must-have item inside your bag as to cool down sun-burns from the harmful UV and dehydration...
3) More moisturising treatments in the skin care routine
4) Minimize frictions: This is closely related to skin cleansing- Try not to overdone the frequency of cleansing to your delicate skin or scrub hard....  Dry your face with a towel/tissue pressing against your face.
5) Avoid exfoliating as this may weaken the surface of your skin as well as damaging the cells inside that were meant to be protection inside which leads to serious damages to your face.
6) Plenty of rest, avoid alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine and spicy food as much as possible.  Drink plenty of water
7) Seek for medical attentions of specialists if necessary
8) Wear as much sun protections as you can such as wearing sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful UV, wear light/sheer long sleeves or carry an umbrella to cover yourself.

Dear all (& my new found younger brother Greateiei)
The translations of the magazine will become helpful and that you have understood the methods, treatments and symptoms in order to take care of your skin during your daily life.  This was actually a special blog entry for GreatEiei who's more than just being a loyal viewer to my videos or being a best friend.... He also became someone that I care about like I just suddenly found myself a younger brother (although just younger by months).... I really look forward to the day I will get to meet him when he comes to UK and become real life good friends soon..... For now, it's like the thing I always say about not seeing my family for a long time as the relationship being "Far in distance, yet closer in our hearts".... but with GreatEiei, I hope it will be closer in distance and closer in hearts too.... I know I will be there for you, I hope you feel the same too <3


GreatEiEi said...

wow!Thanks a lot!!
it's really useful
That's very kind of you^^"
well, I appreciate it so much
thank to u again ^^ my prettiest sister hehe :P

Rinny said...

Thanks so much for translating this! I did the quiz and it says I'm a "moderate sensitive skin type." I've committed a lot of the "don'ts" on this list - like overcleansing and exfoliating - but I'll try to listen to the advice in this article :P