Wednesday, 9 March 2011

First makeup model in 2011

About Eva:
Eva is a friend I have met on Chinese New Year, a new partner of my boyfriend's university friend, Sam.  During Chinese New Year, we have gathered up together at another friend's house which made the 6 of us celebrating Chinese New Year as well as the time I have received my panda hat from Kloe.  Throughout the evening, we are the 3 girls who had a long conversation going through skin-care/makeup tricks that will benefit ourselves in our own times.

Behind the scene
The next day, my boyfriend and I were to meet up with Sam and Eva as they will be shopping and dropping stuff at our apartment.  As I was getting ready, I entertained Eva with the Taiwanese magazine Queen (女人我最大), the makeup look that I was trying to do in the video... It's also the makeup look that Eva told me that she would like to try out which gave me the opportunity to ask her if she can be my makeup model.

Throughout the video, I made sure that she gets the chance to see every detail of what I've done and made sure every word of her suggestions were taken in to do it that interacts between the both of us.

Camera Shy but yet Encouraging
In the video, you will see that I was trying to ask her questions with what she feels-in fact I wanted her friendly criticisms more than making her feeling embarrassed.  After the video was done, she kept saying "I mean it, your makeup skills are not bad!"  I am sorry if I didn't notice her in advance about what I will ask her to allow her the chance to speak out her thoughts more, but with Eva's interactions to the makeup look, my thoughts to that is her interactions were very encouraging inside-out!! (I hope Eva will get to see both the video and the blog entry are based on my appreciation deep down)

Check out the photos:

There are still some gaps that I was trying to fill afterwards, so I also did the makeup look myself as I was trying to show what it'll be like with a Peach tone lip color with the makeup look and how it's been compared if sticking with using a magenta/fuchsia pink lipstick.  Obviously, the difference would be distinguished between a daytime and night time makeup look.

Enjoy the video!


Rinny said...

This is such a pretty look! I think it would be perfect for parties or for going out since it's so sparkly :D

Chuui said...

Awwh really pretty :) Love that peachy lip colour!


Anonymous said...

You both look lovely! nice job! :)

TeddyJenny said...

This is a really great and pretty look!!

Rinny said...

P.P.S: I was wondering if you wanted to do a link exchange Ronnie. Your blog is one of the ones I regularly follow, so I wanted to add you onto my link list ^^

Rinny said...

Not sure if you turned on email notifications for replies on my blog, but in response to your comment: I'm going to add you to my link list anyway because it's more of a reminder for me to check those blogs regularly; it's okay if you don't link back ^^

diamond rings said...

that is quite a nice and cute lok for parties, as well as for semi casual events too. I like the eye look very much. Thanks for posting such a nice post.

Choiii said...

Love the look, very pretty :)
I have the same magazine ^^ such an informative and useful thing to have :P

Tender management said...

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