Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Tags & My past photos

Here is this tag from Rinny that we are doing it by handwriting answering these questions:

  • What's your name/your blogger name?

  • What's your blog's name/URL?

  • Write "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."

  • Favorite quote?

  • Your Favorite song? 

  • Your favorite band/singers?

  • Anything else you want to say? 

  • Tag three to five other people.

    Here's mine done: (click image to enlardge if the handwritting looks too small)
    And I would like to tag Ria Deanna Chui and Kittybonkers 

    OK, just now, got tagged by Cydangie on "Time Flies" (where I was tagged to show photos of me when I was little or a teenager or something?!).... hahaha, time to put myself to shame in public, I think?!  But let's get started for the fun for it, I'll tag whoever wants to do it :) But don't laugh too loud at my face :(

    1) God knows when this photo was taken, but it was me when I just started the kindergarten or something! hahaha!

    2) Ok, I lied about this photo about being a bridesmade! But it was actually a friend of my mum was treating me like a dressed up doll when she was really bored- the photos made me looked gorgeous BUT my mum got so mad with her friend for doing that to me, haha! I think I was 7 at the time...

    3) A Year 9 Photo- Nicked the photo of someone from facebook, but I was in the photo too (the fat girl on the right hand side)!  Taken in the common room of the Convent School I went to (I always ramble about how much I hated that particular school)... Please don't hate on the black girl who stuck her middle finger out in the photo- she regretted doing that as soon as this photo came on facebook....She's a cool girl in real person :)

    4) Year 11 Open Day: These were the art work done with my own hands... n with a few at the back that I used to apply scholarship for SMH,bt FAILED :(

    5) Well, age 17, turning 18. This photo was taken when my boyfriend and I started our relationship together.... we are still together.... We are together for 7 years something right now <3

    6) This is my best friend Teresa- we met through having friends in between.... She was my best friend since day 1, and I still feel the same about her... (Looking forward to see her when she comes to UK in June)

    7) There's a story behind this photo between me and this girl (Britney): She was my best friend, now a long lost best friend.... but really throughout the time we hanged out, she really was like a sister to me, an older sister with the way she thinks and being such a damn-smart-ass and she's always there to give me the guidelines whenever I felt lost.... but she's also a younger sister to me at times as I am actually older than her by age and if those who seen Britney and I hang-out together at the time, you'll see how much I take care of her like she's my younger sis. Though we lost contact or she might've forgotten me by now, I will always remember everything that's so memorable between us.... PS. Me aged 20, Britney aged 19. The time I literally started having some makeup and started wearing makeup

    8) This might seem like a photo of the recent years, but again, it was a photo of happy times- with my training coach and my partner (Hoby) in Cathay Pacific.... This training coach was an awesome guy, such a fun and kind-hearted guy... I loved the training I had in Cathay Pacific cuz it's a memory I had with people who are huggable and fun! Though the solution of the photo sucks usiing N73... but this is a perfect photo that's always staying in my heart! (Age 21)

    9) Lol, another photo from the Year 11 Open Day with Karina and Emillie. Miss the high sch time really :)

    10) Lol! Last but not the least!! OK, he's NOT my boyfriend or any of my exboyfriends! He's my best friend Matt (guy in the middle)... the girl on the left side was my other friend Donna who was holding the phone taking this picture together :D This was taken during Matt's 22nd bday (Me aged 21)

    OK, my lovelies, it's done! Don't forget to comment, have a laugh together! Cuz it was a really time-consuming thing while updating this blog to make Cydia smile and to such a time-consuming thing sharing abit of the embarrassing-past-photos....


    ♥ c.angie ♥ said...

    this is such a fun tag!

    The Girlie Blog said...

    Awww you were an adorable little kid!

    Anonymous said...

    This was so fun to read :P
    I will have to do the tag as soon as I can :) I fear my younger pics lol...

    sweetkuromi said...

    re: cydangie
    lol, this is a fun tag indeed :D

    re: Girlie Blog
    aww thanks :D wow, i made such a huge change right now from childhood, gosh >.<

    re: Deanna
    lol, hide the embarrassing ones! these photos here r the LEAST embarrassing so far :P

    Mindy♥ said...

    Aww this was so fun to read!! :) Congrats on such a long relationship with your bf! That's amazing! <3

    Rinny said...

    Thanks for doing the tag! You have really nice handwriting :D

    Rinny said...

    Just wanted to comment on the Through the Years tag too since I somehow missed it when I first read your post ><

    I had the same bowlcut hair with bangs when I was young too lol. And you and your bf are really cute together! That's really sweet that you guys have been together for so long - me and my bf are 1 year behind you haha

    Elisa ♥ said...

    ahwww, you look so cuteee !