Friday, 4 March 2011

Best Buddies in the Beauty Community of Year 2011 & Thoughts

I think it's almost a year ever since I blogged about making great friends in the beauty community of both youtube and this blogspot here!  I do appreciate the different kinds of support by all of you and I bet you all know who you are that I would particularly bare in mind for those who should be appreciated :)  Most of you who were there for me from 2009 and throughout 2010 are great, I have already mentioned a bunch beauty gurus that are great friends every so often in 2010. So how about 2011?! Well, it's only March, but I better mention a few of you who I haven't mentioned much since some of you been there for me since 2010, lol.

This gorgeous girl has an awesome dressing sense and has a really pretty blog which represents her sweet personality so well!  Although it's only through blog that we catch up with each other, I wouldn't leave her out of the list in best buddies list in the beauty community no matter that!

OMG, I couldn't possibly leave this girl out within the best buddies list of the the beauty community!  I totally love her to bits, especially we have something in common as to being the year of tiger and both of us are pisces chics!!!  With her choice of music, you can simply tell why I love her: crazy but genuine... 

I must thank her for the mask that I won from her giveaway. although not yet used (sorry for that), she'd still comes in my blog to leave a comment just to show she cares- such a sweetheart <3

A new friend at the end of 2010! Someone who has alot of awesome beauty and skin care tips to me- plus she's a real sweet-heart who has a great peace of mind who reaches out all the time!  The reason I love her is that she's definitely one of those "The Girl Next Door"... Hope our friendship continues throughout!

I always have a feeling that we are fated to be best friends one way or another! Greece is always a dream place I always want to go to like crazy!  Can't believe it was her who took the initiatives to follow my twitter/blog, plus the fact that she was picked to be the winner of my giveaway of 30+ followers on my blog like OMG that I believe that we will become REAL LIFE great friends in the near future!

And there are some of you who might not be beauty gurus who I have particularly took note of, such as Mimi, Amanda,Sharmae, GreatEiei (a really cute Thai guy)... lol... and recently, John, a pharmacist from Macao who I entitled to be best friends for all their support in particular for your time watching my videos....

After the blogging of beauty blogger best buddies, how about youtube?! I have already mentioned strawbeefull, exquisitejenn, cydangie and others within 2010 to be the best buddies, the list might be endless, but I will HAVE TO show some love for some of them in 2011.

Youtube new besties in 2011
-**Currently on swaps with

I kind of have a feeling that I am fixing the both of them to become good friends one day as it's such a coincedence that I am currently on swaps with both of them at the same time, lol... But yeh, I'm pretty much enjoying the shopping for the both of them as Lynn is very much like me being not so fussy and with Gwen that's I believe is not hard to please as long as we give each other the right guidance of what we wanted as swap items... But we are good friends in terms of nowadays that we are NOT ONLY chatting away on twitter, in fact, whatsapping each other is what made our friendship so real!  Although I haven't known Lynn for a long time, I am able to trust her for sharing the same voice of being a youtube agony aunty together... She's doing well and seemed that she has all the directions and guidelines for her viewers which I hope I can do the same from now on ;)

A recent sweet heart- I just felt that we have so much in common as again of being in the year of tiger... and I love the fact that Grace is a well-known beauty guru but yet never snobby to someone small like me... Although I have just known her somewhere less than a month still, she seemed warm and supportive to people around her no matter what which makes her worth being in this besties list!

Thoughts: Not sure if I should include these so far, I couldn't have agreed with Adeline's blog entry that there are the nicest beauty bloggers in the world, but yet some people who are selfish enough to get what they want regardless of what we have invested to share the same things we all like.  I did once mention that I was on a swap, but no one really asked about what happened to my unlucky first swap after I have got my lost package back since December 2010.  Although comparing with what my loss is, it's probably down to worthless/nothing since I sent one small package and the other one lost/returned package stayed unsent.... in a way of trust and emotions, I am very disappointed after my hard work of care and defence to someone I felt that was one of my closest friends..... But yeh, this is basically what happened to my REAL UNLUCKY swap and what has been another difference to what changed within my beauty community


Anonymous said...

awwh love this post!!
i feel like i want to do one soon too!!!!

Elisa ♥ said...

Ahww, this is such a sweet post ^___^!! <33

DeyiMizu said...

Aw~such a sweet post~you are great person who deserve all these great frds:)

Linda Yen said...

Sooo sweet! I love everything about it.

Anonymous said...

Awww!! You are awesome! Thank you so much for writing about me :)**BIG HUGZ!

I appreciate all your comments you leave, and have cherished the new friends in the beauty blogger community as well You are in my top friends as well :)

Xoxox Deanna

Rinny said...

Awww you're too sweet Ronnie! I'm flattered that you think so highly of me, and to list me 1st too! Ahhh I'm feeling very embarrassed now lol >.<" Thank you for considering me as one of your good blogger friends Ronnie! I think of you as one of mine too ^_^

GreatEiEi said...

Oh! such a sweet blog!!
I'm impressed, I've felt that you are my great friend on the Youtube since you made ur cool video for me and shared your stories.
Thanks ^^"

Rinny said...

I tagged you for a blog tag Ronnie ^^