Saturday, 12 March 2011

A blog entry to show some love to Japan (sweetkuromi's moment of LIVES)

Dear all,
As you all know about the serious earthquake in Japan (11th March 2011), I would like to do a blog entry to show some of my love for Japan first of all. From manwomanfilm's latest clip, she is definitely a witness within the beauty community and her viewers about the current situation in Japan for all the factors she has. (Please watch the video)

It is not really in a matter of being a developed country or a poor country but with everything the people in their country have lost is more than just having to start from zero until it's all there again.... but a matter of lives being lost, connections and contacts with friends and family were lost to be a heart-breaking incident to ANYONE in the world....

Like Eliza's blog entry says, this is something more important than just buying something from MAC or a dress from Topshop.  Though I have titled my blog to be moment of beauty, fashion & LIFE... But this time, as to show my love to the ones who suffer, I will spell LIFE to LIVES as the reason to wish that the volunteers, doctors and nurses will rescue as many LIVES as possible in Japan! and I hope those who lost contacts with their friends and families in Japan will soon reunite with each other as a final result.

Although I couldn't put in further words to show my love, I hope my love to Japan and other affected areas will still be forwarded by this moment of LIVES.



Anonymous said...

I had seen footage of the tsunami there and I choked up bad seeing it. I don't easily get emotional over things, but I had tears going down my face just thinking how it would feel to be those people over there losing everything and lives and such :( I hope things get better really soon and not worse.

Elisa ♥ said...

I was so shocked when I first saw it on the television. I'm still praying =( there are so many problems going on there.. *sigh..