Saturday, 25 December 2010

Make up & Fashion Tribute for Holiday Glam

I will explain the make up & fashion tribute for holiday glam as simple as I can since the full demonstration is expected to be done in the youtube video uploaded.... I have done 2 make up looks and settled 2 groups of outfits ready for the subtle make up look & a more dramatic make up look to match along... So far, this is the way I interpreted the 1st make up look: shimmery in subtleness, the key colors needed for the eyes are "dark brown, hazel and gold" which is inspired by the latest copy of Choc, my favourite magazine, although the magazine has described the look as a seductive night look, I personally would like to take it as something subtle and use this look to suggest that smart-casual, OL party outfits or those who are expecting to something to wear for Christmas gatherings...
(the look I used for the subtleness and smart-casual/small Xmas gathering outfits)

(what I look like with the that make up on)
Here are the outfits I have suggested to go along with this make up look

Start with this leopard bodysuit and high-waist skirt, they are actually separate items but I was just doing the mix & match, pretty much something that I believe OLs would wear attending to Xmas gatherings or even for the sake of going to work in Winter in general... it's worth going for cuz u can always wear it anytime, anywhere and of course most importantly u can wear it more than once that u wont waste money

This is a cute smart casual jumpsuit, u will definitely see that I'm NOT always too girly to be truly, in fact, going for the dandy/boyfriend style is what I've been working on as well!  I would recommend it to girls of younger age, especially girls whom prefer less girly clothes... it's one of the best outfit I would list as the best to the holiday glams

hmm... depends on how simple u want urself to be! if ur the wild bt casual chic that wears a stylish top with , go for a top that has some special designs, this one im wearing is a gold metal halter neck one, believe me, I'm not wearing it juz because I found nothing interesting in the shop, I will explain the it in the video...

Wanna stay in the low profile or just expecting family gatherings? No problem- this top is actually a 2 in 1 top... in the video u will see tht I made it an off shoulder top in someways that the style won't be that boring, and it's a top u can do whatever u like with it... if ur expecting a little more effort with wearing this top, a thin belt around the waist would be suggested ;)

The dramatic glam look I've done was based on matching these lashes:

The main eyeshadow color combinations were Charcoal Grey/Gold/Purple

As for the outfits ready for the evenings, Christmas balls or a glittery celebration, here are the outfits I suggested here to go with more dramatic make up!
If u decide to have the dramatic make up more concentrated, look for a top that's impressive for the holiday glam with skinny jeans, this is a black based with some glitter/shimmery type of top! the rhinestone on the neck and the dramatic make up will save ur stress from looking for accessories.  I'm the type of person who's always too lazy for the accessories, if ur the same kind of person as me, then this top is definitely something u can go for

This dress is so so... didn't know why I picked up at the first place... lol...
My favourite dress! I love the ruffles & the design overall... not much to say, bt I hope it goes down to a dirty cheap price when Xmas sales approaches so I can buy it, muhahahaha
Wow, it would be great if I can wear that to a Chinese New Year party... more like 0__o

Don't forget to stay warm as much as staying glamourous!

I know I didn't have these make up looks to match along with the outfits to get you all to imagine the combination of outfit & make up looks will go well, even if it's not perfect, I believe it wouldnt go wrong badly in some extent, anywayz, hope u will all enjoy the video! Merry Xmas & Happy New Year!


Rinny said...

Love all the outfits and dresses on you, but I think my favorite would have to be the red one. The draping accentuates your figure and you would definitely be the center of attention if you wore that to a party hehe ^^

♥mynameisnur♥ said...

Great choice of outfits. I especially like the leopard body suit and the ruffle dress on you. You look hot in them :)

A2NL0V4U said...

Heloo Ronnie!
Ty for commenting on my yt page!! and your looks are so awsome as well!!! I love all of your outfits expecially the red one! are they all from your wardrobe or from your visit to the mall? =]

A2NL0V4U said...

oh before i forget! i think you cant post on my blog maybe because u are followed on my pg with your twitter account? because i cant click on your pg from mine unless i go on it separately.

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Michelle said...

I love the makeup tutorial. The eyelashes look good!!