Wednesday, 29 December 2010

My WishList for Gwen and Prettyholic

To my dear youtube ladies:
I am hoping to start my shopping spree for some of you during Xmas for those pretty stuff that I spotted for you ladies =) anyway, thanks for asking me for the wish list, both of u will spoil me real badly, omg! anywayz, here's my wishlist I made for now, let me know when u bought them, n it will b removed then <3

From US, I would like:

(Physician Formula Magic Mosaic)
Ulta Baked Eyeshadow: Deep Blue Something

or any cheap gold/silver lashes I can get! I'm not a fussy person most of the times when it comes people offering to buy me things.... and btw, Gwen, u dun hv to send me too much stuff cuz u will make me feel bad if i dun hv enough to fill up ur drawer! (same to you, my sugar, prettyholic- just get me the same quantity/budget of items ive got u wud make it fair)

Then from Hong Kong: again, I wouldnt be asking for much, but sugar, watch out the time to get this cheek blush from Isa Knox because it's limited as well as u can get it for a cheaper promoted price before 31st Dec 2010.
(Isa Knox-Cathy Cat Cheek Blush)

Lipstick from Skinfood: Tomato Hydrating Lipstick Shade#3

You will need to look for this highlight and contour product from a shop called mono-mania.  The nearest branch to your home would be the branch in MongKok, let me know if you want the address to get it, sugar!

Muah! I promise my shopping list will be completed soon and I'm gotta remain a mysterious to other viewers and u ladies wtelse I got u by then! hehe! Thanks alot for telling me to do this wishlist!